2020 Dues
Dues for 2020 are $113.00. ($75 Dues & $38 Per Capita)

If you have not paid your 2020 dues yet, please mail check to: Huachuca Lodge No. 53 P.O. Box 423, Sierra Vista, AZ 85636 or you can click on the button below to pay via PayPal. Note there is a $3.68 PayPal fee for using this service.
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Stated Meetings
Huachuca Lodge Stated Meetings are the 1st Wednesday of the Month at 7 PM with dinner starting at 6 PM.
Stated Meetings
Rainbow Girl Meetings are held on the second and fourth Thursdays of the month at 6 PM.
Are you great at photography?

Well then the  second annual Grand Lodge of Arizona Photo Contest is just for you.

Show off your photography skills  by submitting your very best Masonic related picture. Please see the flyer for more information.
The Month of January 2020
It's a new year and new Lodge leadership. Our first meeting of the year kicked off with 21 brothers in attendance. During this meeting we passed the hat to take up a collection for an AED and O2 Tank with a total of $354 donated.  We approved our 2020 budget and installed four new officers. What a great start to the new year!

At our stated meeting we had so much to do that we skipped over communications. This was mostly my fault as we received communications after I had already sent the agenda to the Worshipful Master and his agenda didn’t get updated. As such, here is a letter from our Grand Master that everyone should read.


We started off our January Stated Meeting with an Installation of Officers where we installed the officers who were not able to attend our regular Installation of Officers on 7 December 2019. WM Richard Laszok with the help of WB Greg Covel installed WB John Lervold as our Lodge Chaplin, WB Howard Seibert as our Marshal, WB Laco Kuchar as our Treasure and Br. Robert Frampton as our Tyler. Our Senior Stewart Br. Gale Russell will be installed at our stated meeting in February.

Picured Left to Right: Br. Robert Frampton (seated), WB Howard Seibert (seated), WB Greg Covel (standing), WB John Lervold (standing),  WB Harry Brown (seated), WB Art Montgonery (seated) and Senior Deacon Brandon Martin (seated).

As everyone knows, we sponsor the local Rainbow Assembly.  These young ladies (ages 11 to 21) cook all of our stated meeting dinners and do it for only the donations they receive when we throw money into the little glass bus before we grab our plates and load up on food.

What you might not know is that these young ladies, as their way of giving back to the community, sponsor a mile section of 7th Street by the highway 90 bypass. On December 21st, these young ladies took time out of their winter vacations and were out picking up trash on the side of the road. They collected a total of 16 bags of trash. 

For those who would like to know more about our girls, their meetings are open to all Master Masons and are held on the second and fourth Thursdays of the month at 6 PM. Stop by and see what these girls are all about.

Pictured Elizabeth L. (Left) and Jasmine M. (Right)
Pictured Jocelyn A (Left) and Lauren W. (Right)

Huachuca Lodge attended the Installation of Officers for King Solomon TL No. 5 on Sunday, 8 December 2019 in Tombstone, AZ to help welcome their new 2020 officers. After the installation, there was an outstanding reception where Waytt Earp's Great Great Nephew was in attendance. For those who know about the Earps, they are a part of the King Solomon history as Virgal Earp petitioned King Solomon Lodge for membership.

Pictured Left to Right: WB Andy Anderson, WB Greg Covel, Br. Robert Evans, Br. Billy Busse, WM Richard Laszok, Br. Jason Braddock, Br. Mike Fluty, Br. Rayna Stanley. Br. Brian Strecker, WB Al Camacho, and WB Mathew Covel. 
Pictured Left to Right: Br. Brian Strecker (Secreatry), Waytt Earp and Br. Richard Laszok (Worshipful Master).

Tomorrow, 4 January 2020 at 8:30 AM, the Scottish Rite Club here in Sierra Vista will be holding an open meeting.

All brothers and their families are welcome to stop by the Lodge for breakfast and then stay for the meeting.

Breakfast will be served by the Cochise High Twelve Club.
On Saturday, 14 December 2019 the Sierra Vista Knights Templars Burning Taper No. 15, held their annual Christmas Observance for the community. There next event will be 2020 Winter Festivel here in Sierra Vista on 7 March 2020. If you are interested in joining York Rite or have questions, please contact WB John Lervold. 

Eminent Commander Robert Evans

Pictured left to right: Myron Lewis, Bob Richards, Don Hoffman, Harry Brown, John Lervold, Greg King, Gale Russell, Howard Seibert, Mike Fluty.

Hello All, as we end another High Twelve year, a very successful one, and enter into our 26th year, we have Club Officers in place, our programs will carry over, and we'll continue to be "IN SERVICE TO FREEMASONRY." As the only social Club for Masonry in the area, we look forward to increasing the membership and attendance to our monthly meetings. Our most significant event of the year is the 26th Annual Masonic Widows Luncheon on February 22, 2020, at the Landmark Cafe starting at 1:00 PM. 


Cochise Masonic High Twelve Club #703 was awarded the Best Club in Arizona and the best Club in Wolcott Zone - 2, which includes states Arizona, Hawaii, Southern California, Japan, and Italy, excellent work Club Members. 


Our monthly meetings are held the second Friday of each month, except February, our programs start at 5:00 PM, order food at 4:30 PM, and we meet at the Manda Le Restaurant.

Robert Evans                                                  Andy Anderson
President                                                          Secretary


Master of Ceremonies, WB Greg Covel, gave an outstanding lecture about the two pillars of Masonry. For those who missed it, you can read about the pillars by clicking on the picture below.

At our stated meeting WB Kenn Barrett gave a talk about the upcoming Knight of Saint Andrew dinner. He said this is more than a dinner, more than an event, it is a spectacle and you will be sorry if you miss it. This dinner includes entertainment, scotch, food and more. The cost is $50 a person and is well worth the money.


The Joseph N. Langlois Memorial Fund was created when WB Langlois passed away and left the Lodge property and money. The purpose of this investment is to fund Benevolent and special projects such as charity events like Bikes for Books, Youth Groups and more, in which we can use up to 95% of the interest earned for the given year to fund such projects. This year, at the request of the Worshipful Master and with the approval of the Board of Trustees, the Lodge voted at our stated meeting to withdraw the funds for the upcoming 2020 year. The amount is listed in the Budget, which was emailed to all the Master Masons of our Lodge.

A few days ago, all Master Masons of Huachuca Lodge received a copy of the 2020 budget in their emails. The purpose of this was to allow everyone to look over the proposed budget before we discussed it at our stated meeting. The 2020 budget was approved by unanimous vote at our stated meeting with the following two changes:

1) The Langlois section of the budget (very last page) Bikes for books was increased to $1,200 and;

2) the remaining amount of $1,422 was placed in a line item titled “To be voted on by the membership”.

An updated copy has been emailed to all the Masons of the Lodge.

Due to non-payment of dues and no communication, we were forced to suspend two members of our lodge, which leaves us with 102 members total to start the new year with. Suspending members is the very last thing we want to do, which is why we waited until the very last possible second to suspend them. 

If you are having financial difficulties and can’t afford to pay your dues, the best course of action is to communicate with me or one of the line officers so that we can try to help you out. Our Lodge has three programs in place to help members pay their dues, if they are having issues, but we can’t put those programs into place unless you communicated with us.

We have a line item in the budget. The WM, SW and JW have a fund they can utilize. I also have my own personal Secretary fund (that I have been putting my stipend into) that I can use to assist you also. But we can’t help you if you don’t communicate with us.


Temple Management is trying to put together a tiger team to clean up the back patio. The goal is to turn this into something everyone who uses the Lodge can enjoy for BBQs, hang outs and more. If you would like to be a part of this team please contact Br. Gale Russell.

Huachuca Lodge would like to wish the following Brothers a very happy birthday.

Br. Gaber Abouzeid who turned 50 this month
Br. Samuel Leslie  who tuened 40 this month
Br. John Horne who turned 46 this month
WB Richard Lund who turned 71 this month

Happy birthday from the Worshipful Master, Officers and Brothers of Huachuca Lodge No. 53.
Huachuca Lodge would like to wish the following Brothers a very happy masonic anniversary

Br. Robert Evans who was raised on 11 Jan 1966
Br. Bruce Youmans who was raised on 29 Jan 1975
WB Andy Anderson who was raised on 22 Jan 1976
Br. James Stephens who was raised on 10 Jan 2001
Br. Carlton Buscemi who was raised on 10 Jan 2008
Br. Ian Rice who was raised on 28 Jan 2009
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